I am a creative user experience architect and visual designer with directing and management experience. Demonstrating great people skills, setting positive tones, listening to and leading teams. A confident, articulate communicator with team members and clients, I am a personable, meticulous organiser with an experienced understanding of user experience design. Leading by example with a resolute attitude to strive for excellence and a relentless focus on correctly answering the project brief. I have a penchant for collaborative team building to effectively motivate team members with a strong positive influence. I consistently provide excellent results, time and again proving to be a strong asset to any team. I am enthusiastic about new technology and media and enjoy working in dynamic, media environments. Friendly and expressive; I am experienced in working with a wide range of people across departments and specialize in working very closely with client side developers, back end developers and information architects. I am a proactive problem solver and work in a pragmatic way to achieve the best possible solutions and outcomes.

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